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The Friendship Check

Let’s jump to the points right away! Friends who actually care about you: Accept you for being you Make you feel valid Do not make you feel inferior Listen to your points with interest  Seek help from you and help you with the same energy Remember you in bot...

Life five years from now

Right now, you are preparing for your 10th board exams, trying to figure out whether to take science and be with your best friend or listen to your parents and take commerce or listen to your heart and take arts, even you might be making a list of your dream colleges you want to get into, you are ...

A guide to unconditional selflove

Nowadays we keep hearing this word called “selflove”, that we all should practice selflove but what exactly is selflove? Is it just some fancy word used by millennials or does it hold a much deeper meaning? Let’s figure it out as we go ahead but first let’s understand the meaning of selflo...